Anti-racist Practices

Theater Wit joins our voice to all those who have been living in anguish under an unjust system of systemic racism and white supremacy. Our artists and staff raise their call for justice in a system that devalues the lives and dreams of its citizenry.

In this time of national trauma, we support people of color and recognize the time is long overdue to take action and support dramatic change.

Our art form is designed to strengthen community and deepen empathy through shared stories. But as a theater, there is a time to speak and a time to listen. Now is our time to listen, hear, understand and never forget the pain and ongoing anguish experienced by our fellow man that has been inflicted by the very culture we purport to strengthen.

Theater Wit is committed to expanding access and opportunity for artists and administrators of color. It is the great work of our culture for the century. That work begins with anti-racist practices in all aspects of our operation—both onstage and off. We strive to make opportunities at our organizations welcoming, inclusive and diverse to all Chicagoans.

We also recognize that a clear commitment to diversity and equity has not always been a priority within our organization. We are currently finding ways to report our progress over the coming months and years to the public so we can be accountable for our decisions.

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter and AAPI communities.