Mask use required. Click to read about Health and Safety Guidelines for your visit

Protecting audiences and actors

We are taking the following steps to support safe attendance for artists, staff and audience during your visit.

  • Under Actors Equity safety guidelines, all audience members are required to be masked while in the performance spaces.
    • Masking in not required in the lobby or shared spaces.
    • You may bring drinks and food from our bar into the spaces and lower your mask while actively drinking/eating.
  • Free Exchanges due to illness
    • If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend :)
    • Contact our box office on the day of performance and we will reschedule your ticket at no charge.
  • Our upgraded HVAC systems increase the number of air exchanges to remove aerosolized droplets and provide updated filtering to meet CDC and city standards.
  • On behalf of the producers, staff and performers, we issue a heartfelt thank you to our audiences who make these generous accomodations for the health of all.

Now Playing

by Julie Proudfoot directed by Julie Proudfoot and Willow James
Theater One
Artemisia Theatre
Visiting Company

A docudrama about the struggle for abortion rights in America told by 8 radically different female characters.

Now playing through December 18, 2022

By Matthew Lombardo
Directed by Christopher Pazdernik
Theater Two
Theater Wit

Christmas day is in our grasp! Why the vodka? Glad you asked!

Now playing through December 30, 2022

Coming Soon

by Jasmine Sharma
directed by Grace Dolezal-Ng
Theater One
Shattered Globe Theatre
Resident Company

Jasmine Sharma’s introspective and empowering new play, Radial Gradient, challenges what complicity looks like – what do we do if it looks like us?

January 27, 2023 through March 11, 2023

by Nilo Cruz
directed by Laura Alcalá Baker
Theater Two
Remy Bumppo Theatre Company
Resident Company

A charismatic lector reads Anna Karenina aloud.

February 08, 2023 through March 19, 2023

Later This Season

by Jessica Dickey
directed by Marti Lyons
Theater Two
Remy Bumppo Theatre Company
Resident Company

A captivating world premiere that's a study in faith, forgiveness and the cost of heeding one’s truth.

April 05, 2023 through May 14, 2023