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Production and Facilities Manager


The Production Manager is responsible for coordinating all production-specific activities with the producer and artistic team as well as overseeing building operations.

PM responsibilities

Overall, the PM is primarily responsible for the theater production's budget and allocation of resources. Production managers create timelines for work completion and schedule meetings with different production departments (e.g. technical, costume, set, and lighting design).

  • Tracks and enforces allocated budget and purchase approvals
  • Provides all expense financial reporting back to producer bi-weekly.
  • Sets up required crew and transport for load-in and strike
  • Coordinates bi-monthly production meetings
  • Facilitates communication between different production departments
  • Ensures that health and safety requirements for the design and crew are strictly followed.
  • Schedules rehearsal amd shop space.
  • And, of course, dealing with all those unexpected problems that may arise.

Facilities Manager responsibilities

  • Organizes work for facilities upkeep and maintenance.
  • Acts as a point person for technical requests from renters
  • Manages rental inventory
  • Checks in renters and verifies equipment return
  • Organizes team of 1-3 freelance electricians and board ops for incidental work and special events.
  • Responsible for creating upkeep and maintenance strategy into annual budgetary requests.

$34,500 annual. Two weeks vacation. Health care is not available with this position.

Apply for Production/Facilities Manager

At this time we have no way to keep/catalog/review electronic headshots and resumes. For casting consideration, please mail a hard copy of your pic and resume to:

Theater Wit
attn: casting
1229 W Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

Thanks for your interest in submitting your work to Theater Wit. At this time, we are accepting agent submissions *or* work from any playwright based in Chicago. To submit, please send a cover letter, synopsis and 20-page excerpt of the work. I only accept electronic submissions (pdf, final draft or rtf) so I can carry them around on my iPad, which is the only way we can manage the backlog. Also, on the subject of backlog, I'm currently the only reader, so the delay time is a minimum (and horrifying) nine months, for which we apologize in advance.

If after all those caveats, you're still interested, we use Submittable so we don't lose track of manuscripts.

Submit here


Jeremy Wechsler,
Artistic Director

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